Friday, 2 September 2011

Resources: Where to buy indigenous plants

Finding the right plants for any garden can be challenging. But it's doubly tricky if you're trying to focus on plants that grow in your local area. If you live in the Illawarra, here are a few places that may be able to help you find the plants that would naturally grow on your block. 

First stop is the Wollongong Botanic Gardens on GreenPlan sale days, held on the third Friday of every month. The Botanic Gardens has a wide range of plants local to the Illawarra, as well as lots of natives from surrounding areas and a number of cultivars. If you are looking for indigenous plants that are not out on the benches, it's worth asking - they may still be available out the back. Don't forget to take your rates notice!

A bit further afield is the
Sutherland Shire Community Nursery, which has an excellent range of tubestock and small pots, including lots of sedges and grasses, many of which grow in the Illawarra as well as around Sutherland. There are stocklists on the website so you can see what is available before paying them a visit.

Also north of Wollongong is Sydney Wildflower Nursery, which has a good range of Sydney and Australian natives, including dwarf varieties and cultivars. They are willing to try and track down hard-to-find plants if you ask.

Other options include open days at
Illawarra Grevillea Park and the twice-yearly plant sale days at the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens.  

A stash of plants from local nurseries
Or you could grow your own - more on this later!!

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